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Anthony Bourdain Joins CNN to Host New Weekend Program

Congrats, Tony! :) 

Just a note to say "thank you, your blog's as delicious as pig cheek." :D


Aw, shucks! You’re the sweetest. :)

"A really smart guy just served me a plate with a rock on it and a bunch of mushrooms and twigs."


—Anthony Bourdain in last night’s No Reservations.

via No Reservations’ Cook It Raw Episode: Just the One-Liners - The Quotable Bourdain - Eater National

(via travelchannel)

(via travelchannel)

Anthony Bourdain: BBQ APOCALYPSE


I’ve referred only half jokingly over the years to the early days of my television career when, after two seasons of making shows around the world for A COOK’S TOUR, I was advised that audiences just didn’t respond to all those foreign locations where people talked funny and sometimes (horror of…

Anthony Bourdain: Hard 8


Eight seasons of NO RESERVATIONS. Who would have guessed? I sure as Hell wouldn’t have. How long could we get away with it? Not very long was the prevailing wisdom. And yet here we are. Nearly 700,000 air miles later, about two thirds of the way through shooting—and it’s looking pretty…